Professional Video in the United Arab Emirates
  We record your conference, event, program, wedding onto a video.  

Professional video service in the United Arab Emirates.

One of the important elements of the dynamically developing enterprises is the professional audiovisual presentation. It is essential to the work of many other firms to take advantage of professional quality video recorded material. In this we conform to your firm’s, company’s demands to provide qualitative video service with professional video specialists' . We provide video recording of conferences, corporate events, opening of of new buildings, enterprises, building operations, video recording of the completion of hotels' and their official opening events, as well as private events such as weddings, parties.


Professional conference video and corporate event video


- Conference Video
- Event Video
- Party Video
- Wedding Video
- Hotel Video
- Building Video
- Opening ceremony Video

    With professional technical background as well as short delivery period we undertake the transliteration, the input of DVCAM, DV, BETACAM SP based recordings, video materials.  

Professional event video, and professional wedding video

Our firm was established in Europe, has many years experience in the field by video recording of different corporate events. We made our first event video work in 1994. Since then in Europe and in the Arab Emirates we have orders to comply with approximately a thousand of event video films. Our customers consist of multinational companies, medium and smaller firms. We undertake video recording of events, weddings tailored to individual requirements as well as private orders. We solve taking a video record of conferences, corporate events, building initiations, city visits, trainings, building operations, parties, hotel guide clips, weddings, family and other festive gatherings flexibly coordinated by our professional event video specialists. Upon request, our video specialist prepares from the raw material an enjoyable short video clip with musical dubbing, so that the event can be recalled and can be used also as a promotional gift to the attendees of the event. For any event, more than one cameraman can be dedicated to filming and therefore ensuring that the we have a high quality short version recorded from every angle, not missing anything that happened during the event.



Conference video, event video, wedding video
Are you satisfied with mediocre event videos? Are the unrepeatable moments important during an event or on a wedding? Is the good mood important of the event during video record? Is it important to work with a professional video specialist on your program, on your wedding? Is the quality, the experience of the two decades of wedding video and event video important to you? Is it important to give you a recommendation of more than 1,000 satisfied clients? Is the clear weddings and event video quotation important? Is the corresponding price-value ratio important to you? Is the professional video technical background important to you? Is a tailored event video and specially prepared wedding video important to you? Our company knows that all of the above are important to you and for your company. Therefore, we provide our clients exactly that. Select event conference video, program video or wedding video from our services!

Professional video service in the United Arab Emirates
The key to our success is the dedication towards the videography profession, it’s appreciaton and naturally above all, client focus. The moments that mean a joy to our customers arethe most important for us. Our aim during the course of our work is that the ready and transmitted conference videos, company program videos, wedding videos, and any other program videos is to provide full entertainment. If you are interested, we are looking forward to your questions or orders. We wel come your order from any part of United Arab Emirates and based on request we work abroad as well. Ask for a detailed quotation! Thank you for your interest! We are looking forward to providing you with our services.



- Conference Video
- Program video
- Training video
- Party video
- Building inauguration video
- Building operations video
- City visits video
- Wedding video

In addition to our event video service we deal with professional photoservice as well. To learn more about the event photo facilities, please visit our photo service site:

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